6 Challenges A Student Faces In The First Year Of College

Going to college is a transitional phase of a person’s life. Nothing looks like the same. Most students need to stay away from home and do things on their own. The new environment and new people can be overwhelming and at the same time be challenging. Here are the challenges that a student faces initially when they get admitted to a college.

Time management

Time management is crucial in colleges and this is where the students struggle. When you are in school, you have a systematic life. You stay out of home for a fixed amount of time and then come back home. Your parents then assist you with the other things. Suddenly this old routine changes and now you have to manage many things within a fixed time. You have to take your classes, join clubs, sports, etc. So, managing time becomes a real challenge.

Financial challenge

College life is expensive. Not only the tuition fee, but the housing, transportation and other costs are also very high. You need to find out sources of fund. You might even have to take up a part-time job to help you.

Academic challenge

The academic life in a college is very tough. You need to study for your exams and do research papers as well. You need to read a lot in college and spend time at the library. All these take up a lot of time and can be pressurizing.

More personal responsibility

When you were in high school, your parents helped you with keeping your clothes in order, doing your bed, etc. Now you are all alone and you will have to do all these yourself. You need to be responsible for your academic results, financial problems, and other needs.


If you are staying away from home then you will suffer from homesickness. This may lead to depression. It may affect your grade as well. So, staying focused on studies and not thinking about the home can be a challenge.

Social interaction

In college, you will meet new friends. You will need to spend more hours with them in the classroom, clubs, library, and dormitory. If you can’t get along with them easily, it will become a problem. You may feel stressed and it may affect your studies.

You will need to be prepared to face these challenges. The faster you overcome these challenges, the more comfortable you will become in your new life.